Barbara Pocock

Jobs, Work, Justice and Gender in the Pandemic

Webinar organised by Sustainable Prosperity, 24th August 2020. Speakers: Emeritus Professor Barbara Pocock, UniSA and Abbey Kendall, Director Working Women's Centre SA.

(picture is Abbey and I at 2019 International Women's Day Lunch)


Podcast: (June 12, 2020) Is the government failing women in its COVID-19 policy responses? On this June episode of Democracy Sausage, Mark Kenny chats with Barbara Pocock AM and Trish Bergin about the government’s decision to roll back free childcare and the impacts of Australia’s COVID-19 policy responses on women. Listen here.

Recession and Government Stimulus - The Saturday Paper

The Saturday Paper (July 4, 2020) featured Barbara Pocock's experience in employment creation in the Hunter Valley in the 1980s recession. She argues for mass job creation in COVID-19 and that too many people are being left behind: we need a different response. First Nations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, migrants, women, casuals, gig workers, artists, students and many others are suffering unacceptable levels of poverty and disadvantage.

Women have lost Jobs Faster than Men in the Coronavirus But are Getting Less assistance: ABC RN Breakfast, 20 June 2020

Listen Here

BBC Interview: Women are being left behind in the COVID crisis

BBC interview with Barbara highlights how woman are being left behind in the international COVID 19 response.

Richard Fidler Interviews Barbara Pocock about her life and research

Listen to Richard Fidler’s 'Conversations' interview with Barbara Pocock here


Fifty Families: What Unreasonable Hours are Doing to Australians, Their Families and Their Communities
(ACTU, 2001) Barbara Pocock, Stefani Strazzari, Brigid van Wonrooy Ken Bridge Download a copy of the full report

Only a Casual? How Casual Work Affects Employees, Households and Communities in Australia
(Labour Studies, University of Adelaide, 2004) Download the full report HERE