Barbara Pocock

Jobs, Work, Justice and Gender in the Pandemic

Webinar organised by Sustainable Prosperity, 24th August 2020. Australia went into the pandemic with high under-employment, stagnant wages, widespread wage theft and long-lived gender inequities at work and at home. How has the pandemic affected these? How have responses to the pandemic addressed - or failed to address - these challenges? What should we do to fix work-based injustices and create jobs for women and men during the pandemic and recession that follows?

Speakers: Emeritus Professor Barbara Pocock, UniSA and Abbey Kendall, Director Working Women's Centre SA.

Speech at Parliament House Opposing Import of Nuclear Waste into SA Mothers for a Sustainable South Australia, Barbara Pocock Speaking (2017)

Work, home and communities: How do we get our suburbs right? A talk I gave just b4 lockdown at Whittlesea Council in outer-Melb about what it takes to create good lives in our outer suburbs – in ways that include women, men and children. Shows our research findings, put to work...


'Working Hard for the Money' 2016, Victorian Fabian Society Future of Work Lecture

'Holding up Half the Sky: Women at work in the 20th Century'

the Fay Gale Lecture, University of Adelaide, (2015)

The Uses and Misuses of Economics: Reflections of a Recovering Economist

Hawke Research Institute Professional Lecture Series. 'Gift of Knowledge’ Lecture series: (2009) Adelaide.

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Jobs, Care and Justice: A Fair Work Regime for Australia

Clare Burton Memorial Lecture (2006) (Given in each Australian capital city)

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‘A New Work and Care Settlement:
Can Australia’s Institutions Catch Up With Australians?’

2004 TR Ashworth Lecture in Sociology.

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