Barbara Pocock

I have been preselected to be the SA Greens' lead Senate candidate in the next Federal Election. If successful, I will join Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to represent South Australia in the Senate.

I love South Australia and I want to represent our state at the national level and contribute to a strong, just democracy on a safe planet.

Covid-19 has shown us how a crisis can change our world in a moment, how important good government, trust and a strong health system are in dealing with such crises – and how every step of a response must ensure that inequality does not widen – that we don’t leave casuals, refugees, women, artists, universities or anyone else behind. That we don’t lose sight of our continuing long-term challenges like telling the truth about our colonial history and ending Black deaths in custody.

I have spent my life studying work and how it shapes inequality, especially for women, men and the low paid. The next election will be about justice including workplace relations, but – and for me more importantly – it will also be about the future of our planet. There are not many elections left before it will be too late to stop catastrophic global warming, not to mention protect our waterways and stop the extinction of so many plants and animals.

We need more women, carers and people with diverse life experience in the parliament, people who will put evidence to work in our public debate. We need a Green New Deal.

I learned a lot as a candidate for the Federal seat of Adelaide in 2019 and I’m proud of the way we increased our vote. I learned what a small group of wonderful volunteers - without backing from big donors - can achieve.

We have the opportunity to increase our influence in the next cycle of elections at Federal and State levels. We can do this by getting behind strong, competent candidates who can mobilise and build united, party wide campaigns. I'm hoping to be elected to the Senate because I want to promote an effective Green voice that makes a real difference.

Our 2019 campaign began with a fantastic fundraiser 'Love Your Planet' at The Gov, and we continued on with a wide range of events about climate change, the future of Adelaide, workers' rights, gender and inequality - and many other issues.

We knocked on 6,734 doors, talked with voters at locations throughout the electorate, and had a great time. And we were rewarded with 15.7% of the vote: a record!

That's the kind of campaign we need to run for the Senate in the next federal election.